Sunday, January 22, 2012

Carson's 6th Birthday!

Ok, this post is a LITTLE behind! I am playing catch up for sure, but I am getting it done. :) My sweet Carson turned 6 on December 19th. I seriously do not know where the years have gone, there are days that I look at him and think "Gosh he's so big!" and other days when I think "He's still my baby". Of course he is still my baby (don't tell him that-he might punch you).

We had originally planned a ice-skating party for C, but unfortunately his Daddy cancelled his party due to Carson's bad attitude. So, we had a family gathering and went to The North Pole Express in Grapevine. Had a blast! I think my Mimi and I had the most fun, it definitely makes you feel like a little kid again. Below are some pics of the special day.

And again Happy Birthday sweet Carson!
Breakfast in Bed
Snowman Pancakes

Mimi & Umpa

Umpa and our Host

Friday, January 13, 2012


I have got to get something off my chest. Last night and today, I have seen TONS of FB posts and comments speaking out against Ed and Lisa Young's Sexperiment and the way the are promoting it today on the rooftop of their church building while in a "bed". You can see their live broadcast here I am amazed at the amount of people that haven't seen or heard what The Youngs have to say, but are trashing them, and I mean seriously trashing them! WOW! It immediately makes me think of the amount of religious leaders that tried over and over to prove that Jesus was wrong, and put so much energy into "hating" him that they missed God. I am amazed that people in the church today are wasting so much energy trying to prove someone wrong to everybody else. It just makes me sad, and I had to get it out!

I am going to be very honest here, again me being real. I could live the rest of my life without having sex. Seriously. And yes, I went there! My husband however, does not feel the same way! :) With all my anxiety issues, and other things, it is the LAST thing I want to do. I pray a lot about this issue, and while I wish that I could have the intimacy that God ordained for our marriage, I don't. Anyway, this is something that I am working out with God, myself, and my husband, who is being very patient with me (bless him).

I just think that if some of these people were experiencing some issues in this area, they would understand why it's so important that this subject be approached. While yes, I have heard about it in church before, to the extent of "God, says have sex with your husband", that hasn't actually helped me. So, I am tuning in today from time to time to see what they have to say. They are talking about all kinds of things, and interviewing other couples, pastors, and their own grown kids. Along with the marriage sex topics, they are also talking about how to share with your kids about sex, etc.

PS I do not go to this church, so I am not biased! :) And did I mention that they have been together since they were 15, married at 21, and have been married 30 years? That speaks volumes to me!