Friday, October 21, 2011

Not About Me

A friend of mine's husband recently died suddenly during emergency heart surgery. She is my age, her 2 boys are the same age as Dalton and Carson. I hurt for her. I mean really hurt for her. I find myself weeping, sobbing, and having anxiety for what her and her boys are going through. And as much as my heart hurts for them, it is NOTHING even close to what they are feeling. I am writing this for a couple of reasons: 1. For you to please lift Jennifer Ogle, her boys Hudson and Cooper, and the rest of Jason's family in prayer. I know that right now she said she can feel the prayers and they are keeping her going. 2. To remember that we are here for a limited amount of time, to leave a legacy for Jesus.

While I didn't know Jason, it is so obvious that he truly left a legacy and definitely touched people. I pray that this will remain evident to his boys as they grow and they will turn to God their heavenly Father as their Dad did. I am going to post a link to her blog and to the memorial fund incase any of you would like to donate and or follow her experience. She is blogging as an outlet right now, and while her pain is obvious, her faith shows through in multitudes! Please come together prayer warriors!

Jennifers Blog:

Memorial Fund: