Friday, August 29, 2008

Still Not About Me

Ok, so the other day, I colored my friend's hair. (I am a hairdresser) The dark color turned out purple, not bright purple, but purple. So I said "Come over to my house on Fri and I'll fix it" Really thinking that 2 to 3 hours tops, and it would be perfect again!

So at 9 am we started the procedure. By 1 o'clock, it was no longer purple, but strawberry blonde. Which has always been a color that she dislikes, no, cannot stand is probably a better word! So after 3 o'clock, it is orange! But, at least the purple is gone!

So after going to buy more color, by 5:45 she is brown all over! We will put in a few higlights next week, but for now at least it is not purple or orange. I am still trying to figure out, why every law of color seemed to not apply today.

Where am I going with all this? Well, while my friend and I were talking later, she pointed out that sometimes these mistakes happen to keep us in check. Kinda like God's way of reminding us that we can not do anything without Him. We would have nothing if it weren't for Him. And no matter how much education, training, experience, etc, we are blessed to have all of this by God alone. And I am thankful for the gift He has given me. I am reminded today, that God is the only perfect one!

This morning my Bible reading was on Daniel in the lion's den, and the devotional was about the fact that our God is still strong, He is still Lord of all. The same God of Daniel, that saved them from the furnace, and closed the lion's mouths to protect Daniel; is the same God that rules and protects me today. I am choosing to remember this daily, especially when Satan tries to bring me down with ugly thoughts, or insecure emotions.

To my friend, I love you, and am so thankful for your patience! I promise, we will get it right!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Potty Training Fun!

Wow! My wonderful Carson is potty training wonderfully! (Especially if you know the history of my 5 year old!) It is a funny experience-I will tell you that. He has not had an accident since Sunday. I know, I know, it is only Wed, but this is a big deal!

So, last night at 9 pm, he decides he has to go "poo-poo". So much cuter when you hear him say it! Well apparently, my poor little 2 year old must have been backed up, because he was there forever! He started making the funniest faces and grunting noises, so ofcourse, I had to run and get the camera!


Don't Strain Little One!

One more poo-poo momma!

All Smiles

Monday, August 25, 2008

KINDER(sniff)GARTEN(sniff, sniff)

Well, He is off! I didn't do so bad either. Carson was upset when we walked back from the school without his brother. But, I think he will get used to it too. This morning was a little crazy, Dalton pretty much did all he was suppossed to do, but the closer it got time to leave, he got a little whiny and clingy. But I am sure he will have a great day!

Pray for their school, because as of this morning their AC was not working....But in 3 hour kindergarten, he'll get to come home before it gets too hot! Those poor all day and afternoon kids...

What a big boy!

So excited

After a little moment

walking to class

Carson hiding after his brother left him

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Puddles of Fun

Ok, so it is raining practically all week, and being the end of the summer, this is not the way the boys and I wanted to spend it. So being that we all were a little stir crazy, I let them go out and play in the rain. Strike that, they ran outside while I had the door open momentarily...I gave in and ran to get the camera.

This is what I captured, and am so thankful for childhood innocence, and the ability to have youthful moments with my boys!

run boys run!

just playing around

puddles galore

its like a river!

See ya later

Been A While

Ok, so I realized that I haven't posted in a while, so here goes.

Right now we are potty training...Carson that is. Pray for us in this venture...I can't wait to be out of diapers completely! How cool would that be? While we are potty training, we are also working on his strong will. Which if you were at Joe's Pasta and Pizza today, you know what I am talking about! :)

Something else that is super huge with our family right now is Kindergarten! Dalton starts tomorrow at Lone Star Elementary. He is super excited, while I am still on the fence about how I am feeling about it. (Last week I had a talk with God about homeschooling. Thank goodness He knows me better than that!) Please pray for us all during this transition. Especially Carson, who has never really been separated from his big brother.

Well, enough for today, there will be plenty to talk about tomorrow after the big drop off....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diving Board Pro

Ok, so a few weeks later, we are at Burger's Lake (Crypto free now). They have diving boards all over the place. High dives, kid dives, regular dives into really deep water, and even a baby diving board! Dalton decides after playing on the small board, the kid sized board, and the really, really, tall, steep slide, that he wants to swim to the diving boards in the deep, deep water. So, mom that I am I say "Ok, let's go!" He is now a pro! Jumping off that is, he decided he needed some more practice to figure out how to dive. Oh, and nobody said anything to him about his goggles!

We all had a great time on our "Family Day" trip to Burger's Lake. Carson even put aside his tube and floaties to try the diving board himself! The baby board in the shallow water ofcourse! After today, I have realized how much I love these little trips like this. I want to spend more time with my family on outings and such. I really hope that these continue, and maybe the temperature will drop down below 100 soon!

I hope you enjoy the pics!


Dalton on the little board

Are you getting this?


All Smiles

Bombs Away!

Carson jumping