Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diving Board Pro

Ok, so a few weeks later, we are at Burger's Lake (Crypto free now). They have diving boards all over the place. High dives, kid dives, regular dives into really deep water, and even a baby diving board! Dalton decides after playing on the small board, the kid sized board, and the really, really, tall, steep slide, that he wants to swim to the diving boards in the deep, deep water. So, mom that I am I say "Ok, let's go!" He is now a pro! Jumping off that is, he decided he needed some more practice to figure out how to dive. Oh, and nobody said anything to him about his goggles!

We all had a great time on our "Family Day" trip to Burger's Lake. Carson even put aside his tube and floaties to try the diving board himself! The baby board in the shallow water ofcourse! After today, I have realized how much I love these little trips like this. I want to spend more time with my family on outings and such. I really hope that these continue, and maybe the temperature will drop down below 100 soon!

I hope you enjoy the pics!


Dalton on the little board

Are you getting this?


All Smiles

Bombs Away!

Carson jumping

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