Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Month

May is apparently an extremely busy month, I am pretty sure that it is busier than December. And it just seems to get busier every year. I guess now that Dalton is in school that is just how it is going to be!

Well, I played a little catch up again today-so below are several posts with pictures of our crazy busy last couple of weeks!


Dalton's end of year Kindergarten party was a blast! They had a water day, which included water guns, a huge blow up slide, small pools, sprinklers, and the hit of the party for the boys, was the shaving cream! I couldn't stop laughing, they were so adorable! Carson got to join in all the fun too, so they had a great time!

Rangers Game

I really, miss going to baseball games, we used to go all the time. But of course, life changes and some things have to get cut out. We went last week with several friends of ours from Life House, and had a blast! And I mean a true blast! And no, we were not drinking! It probably seemed like it to others around us, but that's just how we roll!!! Enjoy the pics!
Justin and Ryndi

Our crew!

Who knows?

Carson's First Dentist Visit

Ok, so since we were losing our insurance benefits, we decided to hurry up and get the family into the dentist. We use Chip Mercer in Arlington. He is a friend of ours, and an amazingly awesome dentist! Our whole family loves him and his staff, so if you ever need a good dentist, he is worth the drive!

This was Carson's first time, and we weren't sure how he was going to do. He did great! Until...she squirted water in his mouth and used "Mr Thirsty" (the suction thingy). He didn't like that one bit! In fact, he sat right up, ripped off the bib thing, and got out of the chair and said "I all done"! LOL We talked him into trying again, but he would not put the bib back on, as you can see in the bottom pics! And, he only let her do Mr Thirsty one more time. We had to rinse his mouth by just letting him rinse and spit in the sink! D-R-A-M-A! Luckily, he didn't have any cavities or anything-'cause I sure can't see that child sitting still for any of that!

My Birthday

My birthday was last Saturday, (Memorial weekend). The boys brought me cake and sang Happy Birthday at 7:15 am! I have to say, that I love the tradition we started last year, where we eat my cake for breakfast! Ice cream cake with a brownie bottom is really good at 7:30 in the morning! I love getting presents, especially from my family-cause they love to give them!

Jason had set up a massage for me that morning, Woo-Hoo! Later we stayed at La Quinta at North East Mall (Free room with LQ points). We went shopping, saw Star Trek, had dinner, went swimming, and just chilled out, all with no kids! Thanks Mom for keeping the boys! She is awesome with them, and has been a big blessing to us by helping with them!

Jason hates this pic, but I think it is a really good one of me! :)
All in all, it was a really good birthday! Except for the fact that I realized later this week, that all the pants I bought while shopping, were the ones that were my "no pile" from the dressing room. Talk about sad! But, I got that all taken care of on Friday!

No More T-Ball

Dalton's team the Red Sox played their last game of the season last Friday. But, for Dalton and several of his friends, this was their last TBall game ever! Moving up to coach pitch next year. Woo-Hoo! He can't wait, and neither can I. I want to see if he really has some baseball skills. We are excited to move up with our coach too. Coach Chance (and his family) our friends of ours, and he is a really good coach. He keeps them in line without being scary coach, but they totally respect and obey him. Maybe I should have him come over and just stare at Dalton every once in a while!

First Field Day

Field was sooo much fun! And Dalton had a great time too! LOL I laughed so hard, they were so cute! And the 4th graders that were helping them were super great too! Enjoy the pics, I had a hard time picking which ones too share! I still have a ton more! :)

Field Trip

Dalton's class went to River Legacy Nature Center in Arlington...this field trip was supposed to take place back in March when it rained for like a month. They postponed it to May, and wouldn't you know-it stormed like crazy the morning they were to go. But, a lot of us moms prayed like crazy and God seriously held off the storm/rain right around us. I am not kidding! Picture the cartoon black cloud hovering over head, for us it was like the sun and perfect sky over us, and everywhere around us was big storms and lots of rain. Thank you God for allowing those kids to experience your nature and not be completely disappointed for another no go field trip!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching Up

I have been a little bit of a slacker in the blogging area of my life lately, so below are several posts, that will catch you up on our life since March! Like I said, it's been a while!


Easter Weekend was lots of fun, we decided that since Sunday would be so busy with helping in the pre-school area at church, and everything else that the day entails...that it would be better to do baskets and such on Saturday. So, this year we started the tradition of Easter weekend...not just Sunday. This way, Easter Sunday can be about Christ's resurrection, and the bunny and stuff can be on Saturday without taking away from the meaning of Sunday's celebration! We also went to my Mimi's house for dinner later that day. We had a really good Easter weekend!