Thursday, May 7, 2009


So, all of a sudden I am feeling a little blah. Not sure why, today has been a relatively decent day, except of course for the fact that I hardly had any appoinments today. This hairdresser has had a really slow week!

Jason and I experienced God's hand in the details earlier today. We literally had a situation where our patience was really being tested, and then within 15 minutes of praying, God showed that He was (and always is) in control of it all! PTL

Tonight I was laying on the couch with both the boys watching Batman, and having a really great "mommy" moment, but then don't know why, but out of the blue...Blah....

I am ok, I am sure that tomorrow will be fine, but if you think about it, say a little prayer for me. I think I am just being an emotional girl! :) I know, this is a daily thing!


Brittany said...

I just prayed. I hope you 'blah' moment goes away soon!

The Black's said...

Hello sweet friend! Thanks again for the invite Friday night! Hope it was great! Bryce ended up having the game of the season, so I'm glad I stayed! I hope you have a very un-blah day today! :)