Thursday, May 21, 2009


So yesterday, I realized that I hadn't posted in a while. And then I realized that my last post was about being "Blah". So, I decided then that I would write something today about how things have been going really well, and how I haven't been blah since that day.

This morning, I was running late to get out the door to go to work, realized I had ugly shoes on, and had to turn around and change them of course! On my way to work, Jason calls and informs me that he has just lost his job! Talk about shocker! This definitely wasn't something we were expecting, since he is number sales person there, and is the only one in the company right now with his numbers up...but, God has another plan for us.

Part of that plan included letting us buy the minivan from said company for...are you ready for this? A whopping $100! This van estimates for over $7000! Only God could provide a severance package like that! Jason has his own pool company too, and today has already received several calls for that business! I had a new client practically appear out of the blue! And the God stories just keep coming! Oh, and we now have a vehicle that is completely paid for! (One with 4 wheels this time)

While, today has been hard, and the income decrease is going to be really hard too, we are choosing to focus on God's blessings, and to continue to praise him even in this storm!

Your prayers are definitely coveted and appreciated, and I want to thank those of you that have already been praying for us today.

On another note, my birthday is Saturday. (This is not a cheesy way to get more birthday wishes) Tonight I was asking Dalton if he remembered what I told him I wanted. He informed me that it didn't matter what I wanted, but that he wanted to get me what he wanted to get me! Trying to explain this matter was futile! Oh well, guess I am not getting that cookbook this year! :) Yes, I am that crazy person that asks for a cookbook for her birthday! I asked for a crystal jewel applicator for Mother's Day! You know, the kind so you can put jewels on tshirts? Yep! And I love it! I am pretty sure my friends will love it too, since they will get to benefit from my practices of making the "Perfect Tee"!

I am really excited though, this weekend my mother is coming to stay with the boys. Jason has some free nights saved up with LaQuinta and we are just going to spend the weekend alone together! Woo-hoo! I hope you all have a wonderful memorial weekend!


April said...

Hapy Birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

Andee said...

I'm really, really sorry to hear about the job -- but I am so inspired by your great attitude. Happy Birthday! Andee