Sunday, March 13, 2016


Transparency...What is that exactly? The dictionary definition is this: The quality or state of being transparent, like glass. But what does transparent mean? One definition says honest and open, not secretive. I really like this definition.

About 10 years ago, God made it clear to me that I needed to be more transparent. I had been very attacked by the lies from Satan that what I saw on the outside of other women was exactly how they were. Through lots of quiet time and growth with God, He revealed to me that they were very much like me. Dealing with lots of laundry and dishes, dirty houses, cranky toddlers, and sibling fights. Marriage issues, friend issues, emotional issues etc. Since then, while I have tried to maintain that transparency, it is still very difficult to do so without looking like I am whining and have an awful life. Trying to find that balance with social media is very hard. Being positive and uplifting while being transparent.

My point to you is this, while you may not see on social media what people deal with behind the scenes, this does not mean that they don't have daily struggles. Our family has been blessed beyond belief in so many ways. But what you may not always see is the struggles we go through. Those closest to us may know what we have struggled with and what we have been through. We have an amazing life. Notice I said amazing not "easy". Nothing worth having in life comes easy. You have to work at it. There will be
struggles and roadblocks, heck sometimes boulders and mountains along the way! Those struggles, pitfalls, and stormy paths make us who we are. They define who we are and where we have come from.

Who I am, I am a woman of God. I am a daughter of a King. I am a mom, a wife, and a friend. I am a prayer warrior. I will and have stormed the gates of Hell for anyone in need of prayer and strength. I will and have stood in the gap for friends and family members that were unable to do so for themselves in their time of need. I have had friends stand in the gap for me when I was unable to do so for myself. This is how it works.  This is our real life. These are our choices.

I am also a successful business woman. I am an entrepreneur who has worked very hard to get where I am. I have dealt with loss of friendships and relationships and I am still standing. I see the bigger picture. I know what is at stake for my family. I know that because of my choices there are several other families getting to experience a better life. This keeps me going. Yes my family still struggles with day to day issues. My husband and I have our moments. Our kids are NOT perfect. Life is hard. Success doesn't make it easier. The desire to be better does. The desire to stand in the gap for God's plan for us does. What is His plan for you? Who needs you to stand in the gap for them right now?

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Life is about choices

Yesterday Dalton and I had quite a day of travel! After being in Daytona, FL since Friday night racing Ricky Carmichael's Amateur Supercross, we took the 6:45am flight back home so that he would only miss Monday at school. What was supposed to be just a 2.5 hour flight home from Orlando turned into 9 hours on the same plane! There was some nasty nasty weather in the DFW area, so our pilot had to divert to Houston. And then we were on our way...and then we weren't...LOL This happened a few times. However we did finally make it home safe and sound! Praise for that! I know that several homes were destroyed in the area, so I am praying for all affected by that storm.

My point of this blog, is a few things that stood out to me. One being one of the flight attendants. He was very rude and quite honestly pretty snippy. Now, I would understand that if people were complaining and blaming him, etc. However, that was not the case. It actually seemed as if he were that way from the get go. Another being around the 8th hour, I heard a few people saying things like "I'll never fly American again". Well, I am willing to bet that was an empty threat! It wasn't American's fault. Thank goodness they were able to make quick decisions based on our safety!!!

Why go through life being miserable? Why blame others? I am so very grateful for all the behind the scenes workers that got all those messages to the pilots so that we were safe! Were we a little bummed that it took almost our whole day? Yes. Were we hungry? Yes. Did I have an out loud attitude of crankiness? No. Even Dalton who I was sure was going to meltdown at some point..Did AMAZING! I am grateful that with my business I have time freedom and this did not affect anyone else. That I didn't have to re-arrange others schedules, and that I didn't have to use any time off or vacation time to cover the day. :)

Choose JOY  in whichever situation you are in. Choose JOY in whichever job you have. Choose to be kind in the face of snippy. Life is a CHOICE. It is what you make of it. What choice will you make this week?