Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I need to blog today, to just get things off my chest and to ask for your prayer. My oldest son Dalton is 6, and he is the most emotional child I think I have ever met. Being that he is a boy, makes it even more difficult for me and Jason to deal with. The smallest thing sets him off, and then takes about 20 minutes or more to calm him down.

One thing is that apparently he is a perfectionist. Really? He's a boy! Their handwriting is supposed to look like scribble-right? I am starting to think, that right now we are being attacked, and it is through our children. Jason has been training to be a Life House leader (that's what our church calls small groups-we have these instead of Sunday School classes). He has been in training since January, and his first official LH meets this coming Sunday night. We have both seen God's blessings over and around us these last several months.

Now, as we all know-where God works-Satan attacks. And I think that God is allowing this to happen to see if we choose to handle it through His strength. Sounds easy right? Not so much. Please pray that Jason and I will be able to use the strengths and fruits that God has equipped us with, instead of lashing out of our flesh.

This is my sweet, sweet boy: I know it is hard to believe that I have been talking about him right?
If you have any experience/ideas in how to handle this situation, please let me know! I am really beginning to believe that the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child" is totally true, and I can use all the village I can get! :)


Steffanie said...

Hey girl! So I totally know how you feel because Jude is exactlly like that! And as much as I get frusterated...sometimes a hug is all it takes. But really....sometimes I catch myself saying...son you are a boy....SUCK IT UP! I will pray for you my friend. But know that you are not alone! Can't wait for life house!

Carrie Cotter said...

We too are going through this. Jordan turned 7 in May and he has always been very emotional. If you raise your voice even a little he burst into tears and says "It hurts my feelings when you yell at me" Any little thing can set him off. He too wants everything to be perfect. I think that when he gets in trouble he feels he has let us down and he has failed. I don't know how to correct this either! I'm scared if left alone it will get worse. We recently starting not letting him go in his room and pout when he gets upset. He still gets upset but we just ignore him and he eventually stops.

Just tonight at Cub Scouts Chris told him very nicely to stop doing something and he got upset and stopped participating all together. This is not like him. I pray it is a phase! I think a lot has to do with him being tired and school just being harder than hes use to. If you find something that works PLEASE let me know!

Kristi Perry said...

Thanks so much for visiting my website! Good Luck on the drawing!

Focus on the Family is a great place to look for help and advice.

Have a blessed day,