Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Catch-Up

Ok, I posted I think 5 new posts tonight. So make sure you scroll ALL the way down to see them all! I think next year I am going to try to blog once a week (maybe)!

Mimi and Umpa's House

Here are the pics I promised from Christmas Day:
You won't see any of my mom, because she was quarantined to the back half of the house because she caught some kind of stomach bug! I was very sad she didn't get to see the boys open her presents...but they sure did love them!

I just love this look of his, it's almost like he's saying "Look how cute I am!"

Giving Mimi some luvin!

Umpa helping with the Ipod shuffle headphones (probably for the 10th time!)

Dalton getting down with his Shuffle


More Bakugans

Smothering cousin Danielle

Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve we went to candle light service at The Exchange, oh and by the way it was a blizzard outside "Literally!". We had to turn around and get my car instead of Jason's truck, because we were sliding all over the place! We made it LATE! After service, we made chili at home, and opened some presents, then we finished our What God Wants For Christmas nativity set, watched some Christmas shows on TV, then off to bed! Which by the way they (Dalton) took FOREVER to fall asleep!

When they awoke on Christmas morning, they had a blast! After that, we went to my Mimi's house for Christmas celebration there. I will post pics from their house later. We spent most of the day there with family and friends. The kids got way to much stuff as usual, but we are very grateful for everything we have been given!

Opening some presents Christmas Eve

Santa's been here!!!

I absolutely love this picture!

Dalton with his bike

Carson with his bike

Trying for that "postcard" picture

How we really are!

4 Already???????

Carson turned 4! I can't believe it! I mean he thinks he is 9 already, and acts like it too, but WOW!

We had by request of Carson, a Spiderman birthday party. (But with no Spiderman-if you know Carson, than you know he does not like people in costumes! LOL!) Our party consisted of Pin the Bad Guys, a silly string hunt for bad guys, and musical spidermans! The kids had a blast, and Carson got tons of presents!

Yummy Pizza!

Silly String was a hit!

No Peeking!

A skateboard!!!!!

Cupcakes Galore!

Medieval Times

Papa (Jason's Dad) came to visit, and we treated him to a trip to Medieval Times. We had a blast! The boys truly thought it was the "coolest thing ever!" It was well worth the money, and we have a ton of memories from that night.

Visit with Santa

To avoid last year's Santa incident,(click here if you don't know the story) we decided to go to Bass Pro Shops to Santa's Workshop this year. It was pretty cool there, and their Santa is FREE! We did however have to make it a 2 day process. We went on Sunday while Papa was here from Iowa, and the line was so long (and the power went out), that our 4:30 time slot was looking a bit more like 7 or so. We had got there at 1:30 pm! So, I kindly told the elf "We will be back tomorrow!"

So, on Monday afternoon, we waited a whole 30 minutes and got right in! Good Santa too! Enjoy the pics mainly of day 2!