Monday, December 22, 2008

Security Please!

Ok, so we are a little behind on our traditional trip to The Gaylord Texan for a wonderful leisurely night of enjoying the Christmas lights, seeing Santa, drinking hot chocolate, and buying a way too expensive cookie! Well, pretty much none of that happened! Apparently if you go 3 days before Christmas-it is CRAZY! We waited 30 minutes to see the reindeer and Mrs. Claus. We then head over to Santa's Workshop and wait over an hour! And no, I am not exaggerating! And let me preface this by saying that last year when we saw Santa there (same photography company and all) they let us take all the pictures that we wanted with our own camera! So, I expected the same this year-especially since there wasn't a sign saying any differently any where in line in my hour plus long wait!

Oh wait, there was a sign-right next to Santa's throne! Now, obviously you could only see this sign after waiting an hour...Did I mention that you have to go through the workshop in this tunnel like thing? So, no, there is no way to have seen the sign prior. So, I get up to the front of the line and the lady asks if I am going to buy a package (Hmmmm...before you even take the picture? How should I know? Prepaid Santa pics? Seriously?) So, I said "No" She immediately eyed my camera (I wasn't hiding it or anything) and says "you can't take your own pictures" I said "I'll just take it when he is walking up there" "No, can't even do that" she says. Hmmmm...well they aren't going to take any of him walking up there...Anyway, I then start to tell her that if they are going to change their policy from last year, that they should post the sign at the beginning of the line- you know, over an hour ago! She says that she is going to have to call security if I try to take a picture..."Go Ahead" I said. (Yea I know-real mature) Oh, and by the way, she says "you can take video, but no pictures" "Ok, I say so I will video clip it!" And I proceed to switch my camera over to video.. "oh, no" she says "It has to be a handheld camcorder" Now let me note here-that it was obvious that I did not have a handheld camcorder-just a camera-so why even say that! I tried to show her and prove that I would only video...but noooooo. So, I tell the other lady that walks over my aggravations...again...and how I would love to tell security my feelings on the matter. I am not upset that they are not allowing people to take pictures (well, a little) I am upset that they changed their policies and you have to stand in line over an hour to find that out!

And at this point, I give up..I say "nevermind" "forget it" and pick up my 5 year old to head over to Santa..he starts crying...apparently my actions have upset him and he thinks we are not seeing Santa because security is coming for his Mommy! Poor thing! Once again, something he can tell his therapist in later years! Oh, and here comes my 3 year old running up and jumping in Santa's lap! (Back story, 10 minutes prior-he got in trouble for not listening and Daddy said "That's it! No Santa!" And took him away! Well, apparently he apologized for his misbehavior and was allowed to see Santa after all! So I have one smiling child, one crying child, and absolutely no one taking the picture! What's up with that? I didn't prepay so I don't get the opportunity? So ofcourse, I say "Ok, I'm following your rules-where's the photographer?" She gets in takes the picture....
And then they let me know that they are very sorry for any inconveniences and for my aggravating experience...and they are giving me my picture for free!

This was not my plan when I through my little fit, as a matter of fact-I told them I didn't want anything for free, and apologized for my actions. They gave it to me anyway! And, I am highly embarrassed of my non ability at self-control in this situation, but I am also highly disturbed at the high mark-up rate they put on my precious Christmas memories! Hello-$16.23 after tax really? My husband said that I am the only Mom he knows that stands in line for Santa and gets security called on her! Well, I am unique!

Did I mention that we ran into some friends there that were behind us in line for the whole hour plus? Yes, they saw the whole thing! And, she's a client! Aaagghhh! Oh well, I think they thought the whole thing was pretty comical! Oh, and 15 mintues after the Santa incident, Carson climbed up a rockwall thing, and fell over the back about 3 ft and landed on his head! He's ok though!

Well, anyway, here is the turned out really good, and we have a story to go with it!


Keesler Chaos said...

TOO Funny! My kids are afraid of Santa. At least you GOT a picture!

Ryndi said...

That is a super cute picture! Justin would have been doing the EXACT same thing- no lie!

AJ said...

That's hilarious!

((last year I did something similar, only it was w that dang reindeer they have there))

do you know if go the weekend before thanksgiving all the stuff is there but not all the people! It's MUCH easier to navigate.

Steph H. said...

You crack me up!

Christie said...

Thanks for keeping us entertained in the Santa line! :-)