Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Truths From God

*I am daughter of The King
*I am forgiven
*I am not alone Jeremiah 1:8, Isaiah 43:5
*I am not perfect
*I am a sinner
*Jesus died and suffered for ME! (and you)
*God loves me NO MATTER WHAT!
*God has a plan for me Jeremiah 29:11
*He will never leave or forsake me
*He can and will heal me Jeremiah 3:22
*I cannot do anything in my own strength, but through His strength, I can and will survive! Philippians 4:13
*I am always in His thoughts Isaiah 26:3
*I am not alone-others are going through trials and temptations I Peter 5:8-9
*The Lord wants me to bring my problems to Him (nothing is too big or too small) Isaiah 30:18
*He will replenish me with His mighty strength Isaiah 40:29-31
*I am beautiful Psalm 139
*God can and will take all of my worries from me-I just have to relinquish them!
*I am no longer in bondage!
*I have found freedom in Christ!
*Satan will be slayed like a dragon and perish FOREVER! (The end of The Bible)

I felt led to post this today before getting ready for work, I will have to add some later I am sure!

Challenge-Too all my blogger friends-Post your truths for others to read. And please add a comment to mine if you are doing it, so that others can share in your truths also. Come on girls! Don't be afraid to be the first! LOL

You never know, one of your truths may get someone through the day! Ya know-God's plans and all! We are all His instruments!

Also, I thought I would throw out there, that this Sunday Dec 7th Joel is speaking on Surviving Storms in Your Life. I know I need this right now, but if any of you may need this, I am sure it will be magnificent! The Exchange, Keller, Tx meets at 10:15 at Kay Granger Elementary.

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