Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolutions/ Goals

To get back into my prayer journal, and keep up with it!

Ok, here we go again! Another year, another list of goals to fail! Ok, maybe that is not how I should look at it! Maybe that is why I always fail! LOL! Maybe this year, I should look at it as something that can be accomplished with a little work, a little self-control, (we all know how good I am at that one!), a little practice, etc. You know, as a little girl, I always got a diary for Christmas, and I would start on January 1st and write my resolutions. Ok, I am pretty sure now that I did not know or understand what resolutions were. I think I thought that they were something you wrote down, and that they just happened! Funny, it has taken me several decades to realize that those diaries were not magic paper that made things happen!

So, this year I am sharing my resolutions or Goals with you! (I really need to find out how to do that mark through words thing that MckMama does!) Anyway, I hoping that by posting these and making my innermost failures public, that you as my friends will help me to be accountable. After all, as Christians we are called to help keep each other accountable! So, here goes...

1. Stop complaining! Yes, about anything! It is however, ok to tell God about it! I just need to stop telling the whole world! This one is going to be hard! Thanks Suzie for convicting me of this!

2. Be the wife God called me to be! NO MATTER WHAT! Aaaagghhh! This one is going to be even harder than the 1st one! Oh well, life is not easy! What this means to me, is that no matter how he treats me, I am to respect him, love him, and treat him as God calls me to. I did this for a while especially when I was involved in different Bible Studies that helped me do so, but I have definitely slacked lately! And above all to remember that he (Jason) is not the enemy!

3. Have a plan of attack daily- I used to do this too! But, something happened when Dalton started Kindergarten-I don't know what, but it's almost like my whole world and routine fell off its axle! So, this year, I am having my daily list again! Back into routine here we come!

4. Stop Yelling!-Yes, I know, its hard to believe that sweet, little old me could possibly yell! LOL :) But, yes, I do. My goal here, is to stop and give it to God every time that I am frustrated, aggravated, or just plain irritated! By giving it to Him first, then I will not be giving into my flesh as Satan would like for me too!

5. To continue to eat healthy, and watch my portion control. This summer, I started weight watchers, and did very well, and then I somehow got off track. For me, following weight watchers and tracking my points is the only way that I have been able to control my compulsive eating habits. One reason that I am concerned with this, is that God has revealed to me that gluttony is a sin, and if I am not in control of what I put in my body, than I am partaking in gluttonous habits.

6. And above all, to turn to God for all and everything first. For it is not in my ability, strength, or power, to handle anything thrown at me, but only through His strength alone. And how disappointed He must be in me, when I choose to turn to myself or someone else when I should really be turning to Him first!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2009! Happy New Year Everybody!


Erin said...

Hi there, I saw your comment on MckMama's blog and just wanted you to know that I'm stopping to pray that God will do an exciting work in each of your hearts, so that your marriage can be filled with love and joy. I know the pain of a failing miserably marriage. I'm so sorry. Don't give up, keep your eyes on your faithful Savior, and He will give you everything you need.

Jodi said...

I also saw your comment on that blog, and wanted to let you know that I am praying for you as well. I think I'm kinda going through something similar...feel free to email me and we can chat :) my blog is