Thursday, January 1, 2009

And The Battle Continues...

So, here I posted my resolutions/goals, was all excited to start again at being the daughter of Christ I was called to be, and BOOM! Under attack! I think that Jason and I were both at each others throats this morning, and it just progressed from there. And now looking back in hindsight, neither one of us stopped to take it to God first. I am pretty sure that Satan knew this and ran with it! Well, we have prayed together, talked together, and prayed apart, and tomorrow is a new day!

One thing I am going to keep reminding myself, is that just because I fail at my goals one day, doesn't mean that tomorrow I can't try again, and start a new!

Forget Yesterday, Work on Today!


Michal Ann said...

Hon, I noticed how transparent you were in asking MckMamma for prayer. Today, I happened to find an excellent blog. I copied a section for you below. The author seems to be a pastor's wife who speaks of much spiritual growth this year but she specifically discussed the futility of most resolutions. (Congratulations on your success with Bible reading!) Here is the address and I hope you are encouraged and edified!

Praying for you in His Name, Michal (Seattle area)

(I don't have a blog but email is

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Isn't it just like God to have perfect timing with the chapter I was to share today - only two days before the New Year and right after attending Scott's study last night on Hebrews 11? I praise YOU LORD for Your always having our best interest at heart and being so involved in every detail of our lives. You amaze me and I am simply in awe of You! I prayerfully hope all that I share leaves your mind and digs deeply into your hearts. That the words expressed here are not mine but HIS! I am working to get up all of Scott's teaching through Hebrews this week.

I am not one to like New Year's resolutions. I have maybe made a few in my 40 yrs of life. I can only see now after all that He has taught me this year - why any resolution that is not about drawing near to God and losing oneself more each day is futile.

How powerful is this very verse to being the New Year with - meditating upon it, praying it back to God, praying it over yourself and those you love who may not know Jesus, or those who have yet given their whole heart to Him and are still walking in law vs. grace.

How powerful is the living word of God when we allow it to be the discerner of our thoughts, dividing soul and spirit and piercing our hearts showing us the areas of our lives we have yet to confess or bring to Him.

God's Girl said...

The righteous fall but they get right back up again. : )

We all fail. We all do things that we wish we didn't. But the Lord's mercies are new every morning.

I pray that God would bless you in special ways in 2009.