Friday, January 30, 2009

Praying for Obama

All right, I know I may take some grief for this post, but when God speaks-I TRY to listen. I have been sooooo bad about griping about our new president and all of his so called plans, and also his non-ethical beliefs. But, I have realized today, that he is our President, and we need to be praying for him, daily! God allowed him to be placed in this position, nothing happens by accident. We as the Christian people of our country need to ban together and PRAY! God tells us to pray without ceasing, and in today's economic situation prayer seems to be needed now more than ever!

Do I like his ideas? Not so much. Did I vote for him? No. I couldn't vote for someone that has beliefs that go against God and The Bible. But, God does not tell us to only pray for Christians, and those who believe in Him, but for all. Could he possibly become a changed man during his term in office? ABSOLUTELY! Has God changed people instantly in the past? Yes! Look at Saul. A murderer of people who followed Jesus, reborn to follow Christ! Take a look at your local church, many people have a past not pleasing to God...drug dealers, gamblers, adulterers, exotic dancers, many more. All who have now been forgiven. All who have now accepted Jesus Christ as their redeemer! Their past slates wiped clean! They are proof that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD!

So with that said, I believe that not only do we need to be praying for his decisions daily, but we need to be praying that God will change him. That he would become on fire for The Lord! What a great day that would be! Every one can change. And to quote our new prez "A change is coming" Let's hope so! How awesome would that be?

I challenge you all to commit to pray for him and for our country.
God Bless

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Steph H. said...

God convicted me to pray for Obama on election day, I can't say that I have listened to God so well on that. Everytime I see him on t.v. I change the channel instead I should stop and pray. Thank you for the reminder this morning.