Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Blocked

I guess I been in some sort of blog funk lately, since I haven't posted in 26 days, but I haven't seemed to have much to write about. Although, Jason has blogged alot more than me lately. He normally does about 4 posts a year, he has already posted 4 times in two weeks...times they are a changing. Definitely check out his blog...especially the one about Dalton praying to receive Christ! WOW! And how did I hear about this? In a text message! Yep! I was in Tyler, Tx with absolutely no cell signal (well, unless I stood under this one certain tree, then I had half a bar!) I am so proud of him! Please continue to lift him in your prayers, and us as we try to raise him to show Christ living in him to others!

What was I doing in Tyler you ask? Why a scrapbooking retreat ofcourse! Although I have decided that I am not going to call them retreats anymore! A retreat is where you come back rested and refreshed! I definitely did not come back rested nor refreshed! LOL! But, I did get 44 pages done! Woo-Hoo! Although, my friend Suzie managed to finish some 50 plus pages! WOW-You go girl! And I have to admit that she brought out my competitive side a little on Sat night when I found out she was ahead of me. So much so, that I stayed up another 2 hours on Sat night even though I could barely keep my eyes open! She did let me sleep in on Sunday though (I do think this was her competive side coming out a little-I can't catch up if I am asleep-Right?) :)

Anyway, here is a little that is going on with me...I have no idea! Lately the same Bible teaching keeps coming up over and over. The one in Exodus where Moses has it out with God, and asks Him to show His glory. Others around me are experiencing this too, and they are openly saying "Lord, Show me your glory". Our Pastor, Joel said "when you ask this...BE READY" Yeah, I am not ready. I don't know why, nor do I know what I am afraid of, but I am just not ready for that. Yep, not ready! Jason was ready, and obedient! (More of that on his blog also.) I am thinking "Good for him" But yet, why is it every where I turn it keeps popping up again? Maybe ya'll could pray for me about that?

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