Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stressed! Very Stressed!

Please pray for me, I am having a little trouble controlling my anger. I mean, it's like I just get mad, and whoosh-there it goes! I am really trying to use self-control, but it just seems really hard, like I don't think about it until I am already acting out. I mean for pete's sake I had a hissy fit at Santa! I don't know if this is pre-PMS week, or just how I am going to be without medicine, or if I just can't handle my own kids being kids!

It is Christmas, and it doesn't seem so Christmas Cheery at my house. I am usually a lot more organized and together by this point, but I am still running crazy trying to get last minute presents that I thought I had already taken care of everyone! Ooops! I know that my poor husband is probably ready to kill me, and I think it is my fault that he is Bah-Humbug! Way to go Amber! Anyway, just please keep us in your prayers if you think about it! Oh, and if you thought this post was weird, than let me introduce myself...My name is Amber, and I am very transparent!

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thegereckesonamissionaryjourney said...

Poor Amber. I hope you'll be able to get everything done, then sit back and relax and have a wonderful Christmas...just remembering that Jesus loves you...cranky or not :)