Sunday, December 21, 2008


20 Reasons To Be Happy Today

*Getting to sleep in

*Waking up knowing your husband is doing good work helping set up at the Texas Toy Run in the early freezing hours.

*Heading to church and getting a text message from a friend that moved away almost 2 years ago- saying "Are you coming to church today?" Loved that! Loved seeing you Stacey!

*Seeing my children sing at The Exchange for our Christmas Celebration! Well, watching Dalton sing-Carson once again no singing what-so-ever!

*Starting off the service with some awesome music from Joel, Jeff, and the rest of the crew.

*Getting to enjoy all of that with my precious boys in my lap. One at a time of course!

*Having my sweet three year old be the only sound during silence at the end of Holy Night that sound was "Amen!" How sweet!

*Being gone taking my 5 year old to the potty during the sweet moment! Ok, so that maybe wasn't so great! But at least Jason remembered to tell me about it!

*Seeing over 400 people at The Exchange today!

*Having some awesome birthday cake for Jesus' birthday! By the way, super big cakes!

*Did I mention seeing some friends we haven't seen in a while? :) I am super excited about ya'll only being an hour away pretty soon!

*Eating some mean left-over spaghetti for lunch!

*Getting a grip on my email inbox-down from 900 emails to only 71! Woo-hoo!

*Doing this in silence while my family took naps...well...almost everybody! At least Dalton rested for a while!

*Enjoyed an awesome dinner cooked by my wonderful husband! Smothered hamburgers with mashed potatoes and some yummy fried mushrooms!

*Watching Horton Hears a Who with my whole family! Which, by the way, seems to have some great little lead ins to talk about God and not being able to see things even though they are real.

*Doing boxes 5&6 of our nativity scene and then putting the boys to bed.

*Finding out that some friends of ours are going to be having their baby a few weeks early..tonight! And spending some time praying for them with Jason in our living room. (I tried to go to Baylor, but got turned around on the way, so I just went back home!)

*Ending the evening watching TV with my husband while typing my blog!

Knowing that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus in 3 days! O happy day!

Super good day! Below are some pics-check out Carson's face! Oh, and no, you are not seeing things, that is little Brooke in the back!


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Ryndi said...

Loved this post! I am a big fan of the thankful posts! :-)