Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Week

Ok, So I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately, but in a nutshell here goes the happenings. I will post pictures later.

Let's see after putting up the Christmas tree, we have decided to have a Christmas Celebration at our house...and then Jason remodel the boy's/guest bathroom! No stress there...Carson's last day of school before next year was this past Thurs. His class celebrated his and Everett's birthdays on Tues. His new school is super cute and he loves it there! We had his birthday party at McDonald's yesterday! I can't believe he will be three on Fri! Wow! Time really flies bye! The party was a huge non-stresser! MCD's is definitely the way to go! Now of course, we have a bunch of toys all over the house that either make noise or have teeny tiny pieces, or both! And of course, Dalton wants to make sure that Carson knows that he has to share all of his toys with him!

This past Wednesday the Kindergarten department at Lone Star had a field trip to the Stockyards Station to the North Pole Express. I volunteered months ago to be a chaperone. What I didn't think about, was that it was going to be COLD, REALLY COLD! And that there would be like 120 kindergartners! WOW! I was thankfully only in charge of 2! Dalton and his friend RJ. Let me just state that roaming around the stockyards in temperatures of like 27 degrees and windy (while wearing pajamas) was a new thing to put in my list of things that I have done! But, the kids had a blast and so did I! And again, I have been reminded of how much I love Dalton's teacher Mrs. Mabry. She is so good with them, and it is obvious that God placed her as Dalton's teacher for a reason.
And then Wed night, my friend Shelley had her annual Christmas Party with kids welcome. The boys looked so cute (like I said pics to come later). Dalton was officially "embarrassed" of me when he was hanging out with all the 12 year old boys in the game room. I can honestly say that my heart was crushed when I got the hand shoo-ing me away. :(

Thursday after work, I met up with my friend Steph, and we painted some crosses to fill yet another pre-order from our crafting project! Yay! Click here to see pics (they are under her Christmas tree post)

Friday morning, I had a cookie exchange at our MOPS group. Now-if you tell me there's going to be cookies, it is pretty much a done deal that I will be there! I love me some cookies! The speaker that morning was really good, but it definitely worked on me spiritually, and emotionally. (I guess the two go hand in hand) Friday night, we went to Grapevine to our friend Jaden's birthday party on The North Pole Express there. While Dalton went on the train ride, Jason, Carson, and I went up and down Main St in and out of the stores. (I wonder what we were thinking with Carson with us-he is my child that can't help but touch things-uugghhhh) After the train ride, the kids had cupcakes and ran around like crazy people-like I said, they had a really good time! Thanks Jaden for the realistic train whistle!

Sat morning we went to Breakfast with Santa at Central High at like 8:15! The kids had a great time, there was a lot of games and candy, and yummy pancakes! We waited in line for like an hour to see Santa, and guess who was right in front of us in line? Dalton's teacher and her 7 month old daughter! Of course, I had to hold her (my first of 3 girls for my baby fix that day!) After that, we had about 20 min before heading to McDonald's for C's party!

We then came home, and everybody took a nap! YAY! Then we had our friends The Reumans over for dinner. I think that the kids played together better than ever!
Sunday morning church-at The Exchange
Joel led an awesome service on why there is a war on Christmas. And something I never thought of before, but soooo obvious-Satan has been battling Christmas since the birth of Christ! Hello-King Herrod wanting to kill Baby Jesus! Now I look back and say "Duh!" We are in charge of snacks at Life House tonight, so I gotta go cook now...Have a great week!

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