Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mission Completion!

So, about 10 years ago I bought a Daily Walk Bible (Read the Bible in a Year thing). And this January 1st, I started reading it! Ok, some times things take awhile! But this year, I committed to God that I would actually do it! This Bible has daily devotionals and such that go with it that helped me stay focused, and understand it better. Now, don't go thinking that I am perfect or anything, but I actually did it! This morning I finished my one year Bible! YAY! I must say there is a huge since of accomplishment with that, but I do know that I did not do this on my own, only through the strength of God, did this happen.

There were some days that I would miss, or forget, but then the next day I would do 2 or whatever and catch up. One thing that it did for me, was basically force me (that doesn't sound right) it would help me to meet with God everyday! And where do you find God's word and his heart? in the Bible of course!

So, a couple of months ago, I was getting excited that I was nearing the end of the book, and before I could get too excited, I heard God speak to me about recommitting. I figured He meant to commit another year of reading daily and meeting with Him. So, I thought I would find a good daily devotional-linked to verses, etc. I have been wanting to get one of the Oswald Chambers books for a long time now. One of my favorite people, Shuggie Collingsworth, talked very highly of him all the time. Well, just last week during my reading, God spoke to me again! (Funny how that happens when you are in His word!) :) I felt Him telling me to recommitt with the same Bible! "Really? God are you sure?" Ok, dumb question! I am pretty sure that God does not make a statement unless he means it! Duh!

So, I asked "What do you mean?", and what I have got from that, is that this time I am to read it, and dive deeper. There are some parts that have extra verses to go back to, and sometimes jump to. So, 2009 I am going to re-up my commitment! And this time, I am going to try and not miss any days! I am going to try to avoid having to do any make-ups! I hope that 2009 finds you accomplishing your commitments! Happy New Year!

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