Sunday, May 2, 2010

Women of Faith

So, all of a sudden I realized that I have not posted about Women of Faith! Now, I know i have posted about it, but not about the fact that I have tickets at a group rate!!! And there are still tickets available! I would love to invite any woman in the Dallas (or surrounding) areas! It is August 20th and 21st (Fri and Sat) at AA center in Dallas. Tickets are normally $99, I have them for $89! This includes all day Friday and Saturday, and box lunch for both days.

Please click below for to check out the line up for this years Imagine event in Dallas. And, if you would like to be a part of my group, click here, to sign up. Final payment is due June 1st to secure our seating. I have one group of tickets in the lower section, and one group in the higher section, so first come first served for the better seats!


Jara said...

YOU WON!!!! You won my giveaway!!! I'll send you your scarf soon!!! Congrats! P.S. Love the story of how you and Jason met:)

joven said...

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