Saturday, August 14, 2010


Our very dear friends live in Arkansas (they are in ministry, so they never stay put!) We went to visit them for a few days, and man did I realize how much I missed them! Our kids get along great, Jason and Eric are good friends, and Pamela and I well, I consider her like my big sis! Anyway, we had a blast! We got there at the end of their VBS so the kids got to enjoy the big last night festivities with tons of inflatables and a dish soap super slide!

They even borrowed a boat so that we could enjoy a day on the lake! We went tubing and swimming and had a great time. We got to enjoy a couple of adult evenings too since their daughter Tori is babysitting age now (still unbelievable). All in all, it was a great, relaxing, super fun weekend with great lifelong friends! :)

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Carrie Cotter said...

Aww..I love them! Glad to see everyone is doing great!