Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over Due

This post is waaay over due....but, I really haven't wanted to write it. You know how it feels to know that once something is in writing then it is really happening, or permanent? That's how I have felt about putting this in words. This whole year, God has really been working on our family. One thing He has been working on me is through obedience. I am beginning to realize that I really don't like that word when it pertains to myself! I am all about teaching my kids to obey and to listen to me, but it is totally different when it is God's voice talking to me! Cause ya know it is rarely something easy when He is asking me to obey!

Well anyway, trust and obey has been the theme of the year for me. Near the end of the summer, God had revealed somethings to me that I really needed to deal with that I had kinda buried in my past. And personally, I like them right where they were...buried! But, through these revelations, God has been revealing layers upon layers that have needed to be peeled back and pruned. Now, this process has been pretty painful, but with each layer and each emotionally painful experience, God has shown His never ending love and strength for me. It is still truly amazing to me that someone can love me that much!

During all of this, God has been telling me to clear my plates...of everything! One of these things was my position as Women's Ministry Director at The Exchange. Talk about difficult! I literally cried for 2 whole days when I got confirmation of this! But, once again He has walked me through it! Now, since resigning from this position, I have truly been battling Satan's lies (and I mean like a bombardment of them!) But, once again, God's truth reigns mightier than Satan's lies. Praise God for that! :) But, you can probably imagine that this has been an emotionally exhausting and draining experience. Please continue to pray for my family as we continue in this battle of trials at this moment.

Dalton was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year, (big surprise since I was also an ADD child). And with this came medication trials and errors, and lots of emotional moments that have tested our parenting patience. Carson has been dealing with speech issues, and has been accepted into the TALK program here in Keller ISD. With all of this, all I can see is labels. I am so sick of labels! But, God knows how to speak to me when I need it most, and one of my friends reminded me that these are just earthly labels, not heavenly and not eternal! Now, with all of this I would love to say that mine and Jason's relationship has been strong and steady through it all. But, we are human, and our marriage has really been tested! This is where God's command of obedience to me comes in full swing! If I had been immediately obedient to God and not led with my fleshly desires, than we probably would not have shown strains between us. But, thankfully once again God reigns!

As I write this, there are a few things we are struggling through that I can not post about, but please know that we still need your prayers. And, everyday I wake up and start over again, hoping to not mess up God's plan for that day! Oh, and while I am asking for prayers, please pray for Jason's dad Wilbur-he had back surgery a few weeks back, and his recovery is going a lot slower than originally expected. He is in a lot of pain, and is in a rehab unit at the moment. Pray for quick recovery and healing!

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Christina said...

I just said a prayer for you and your family...thanks for the challenge and reminder that we need to be obedient to God. It's so often I forget that!