Friday, July 18, 2008

Hearing God

Ok, so today we are at Chisolm Park Aquatic center (after learning that our community pool was closed for the day). After awhile, my oldest Dalton (5), decided he wanted to jump off the diving board. Seriously?!? Oh my goodness I am not ready for this...he is only 5! He is about to start kindegarten (which I am also not ready for)! Ok, so anyway he goes to stand in line at the diving board and looks so teeny-tiny (there are like high school kids standing there too). He gets up to take his turn, and the life guard lets him know that he can't wear his goggles into the diving pool.???? So as I go to retrieve the goggles, he decides to get down.....uggghhhh...he will not go without his goggles! Seriously?! Which actually I think he was more embarrassed upset, than mad upset. He thought the life guard yelled and was mad at him. :(

So after the no diving thing, can you hear my sigh of relief? He later wanted to ride the curvy slides again by himself, now this was not a problem earlier, but apparently now it was. He didn't want to go up the stairs by himself. Here is our conversation:

Me: Honey, I can't go up the steps with Carson and come back down again. (we already had that experience earlier. Carson is 2)
Dalton: But, the steps are scary.
Me: Do you see that boy right there on the stairs?
D: Where?
Me: Right there, black and grey swim shorts.
D: Do you know him?
Me: No, but see how we can see all the stairs from here?
D: Yes.
Me: I will be watching you the whole way, I am always with you, always watching out for you. If something were to happen to you, I am right there to take care of you.

Alright so in this AHA! moment God tapped me on the shoulder ( I am pretty sure it was Him)and said did you hear Me? So in this crazy day at the water park, and this wonderful and comical teaching moment with my son, God once again reminded my that He is always with me, never leaving me, never forsaking me. Do you sometimes think God gives us children to learn what He must feel like sometimes?

God: "Trust me my child, this path is the better path for you"
Me: "But I wanna go this way!!!"
God: "I know the plans I have for you. Plans for to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11)
Me: Nope, I think my way is better!
Fast forward 10 years...
Me: I promise Dalton, this way is better.
D: But I wanna go this way!
Me: I would never tell you something that would hurt you.
D: Nope. I know I want to go this way.
And then ofcourse, me kissing boo-boos is usually in there somewhere. :)

But, while I have learned that after having kids, that God is usually right. Ok, always right. And if I would listen to Him, then things would be so much easier. So why is it that 5 years and 2 kids later I am still having trouble listening? Hmmmmmmm?
Here are some really cute pics from today, and the almost diving experience.
See what I mean by the looking so tiny thing?
Excited at the diving board
Look how big those other kids are!

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Beach Pics

Ok, so I found these on our other camera, and had to show them off!
precious angelMommy reading on the beachVaughans/MainquistsOur FamilyMy little surfer dude

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Galveston All The Way

We were so excited to get away to the beach! We had one slight sunburn experience that cost us one day of not going to the beach. But we got to spend the day at Moody Gardens Rain Forest and Aquarium. PS The spray sunscreen that says "No Rub" go ahead and rub it in anyway. The Vaughans got to meet us in Kehma on Tues night and hang out on the beach for a little bit on Wed. It was definitely a fun getaway, but I am glad to be home-especially after spending 4 days with 2 kids in one hotel room. What an experience! In a few weeks we will be camping at Turner Falls-I can't wait! Seriously!
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Schulenburg, TX

Woo-Hoo! While traveling to Galveston, we stopped in Schulenburg to visit our sweet friends The Vaughans. Pamela and Eric have been very special to us for quite some time now. God moved them a year and a half ago (without my permission) so that Eric could accept a position as Senior Pastor. Life in a small town has been interesting for them to say the least! Keep them in your prayers as they continue to do God's will there. Madison and Dalton had such a wonderful time together. They really missed each other!

4th of July

Ok, so Dalton has the coolest hair ever! He wanted a mohawk a few weeks back, so since it is summer and I am a hairdresser-why not? So then ofcourse, we are really big on 4th of July here (ok so I am really big on the 4th) and I decided to make his hair patriotic Cool HUH? Jason was in the Arlington parade with his CMA group (Christian Motorcycle Association). The boys thought that was sooo cool!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Being a Mother

Ok, so growing up I thought that being a mother had to be the best job ever! You know, cuddling sweet babies, and having them be at my becking call...However, as I am learning, there is definitely a lot more to being a mom than baking cookies and kissing boo-boos. Although we love baking cookies, and there are a lot of boo-boos with two boys. Now, I do still believe that being a mother is the best job ever, I just also know that it is the toughest job I have ever done too. One thing I have to go on, is that God is behind me all the way. Now if I can just call on Him immediately and not lean on my own fleshy ways, then life would probably be much more enjoyable at The Mainquist household. One thing that I am learning from the most amazing godly women that have been placed in my life, is that this life is short, this life is nothing compared to eternity with our Father. I can't wait! But in the meantime, I want to do the job that He has placed me here to do. While there are days that it is hard just to get out of bed, I have made a promise to God to meet with Him and read His word every morning since January. While there are times that I feel like I am not exactly understanding it when I read it, it is amazing to me how it never fails that later that same day He puts something or someone in my life and low and behold He brings His truth to me with application and ability on how to use it! I think that something He is still teaching me, is when to listen. Some of my friends can tell you that I sometimes talk to much! I have really been working on the listening part, because I figure that if I can't listen to my friends, I am probably going to have a hard time listening to God.

Well, enough babbling about me, we are getting ready to go on a mini vacation. We leave Sat morning, to drive to Schulenburg to visit our sweet friends The Vaughans (whom I know will one day be back in this area :)). Our story about them will have to wait for another day, but Pamela is my dear sweet friend that God used to through to get me. I am so glad she listened to Him! After hanging out with them for the weekend, we are going to drive down to Galveston to hang out at the beach! Wooo-Hooo! Texas coastline here we come! I promise to post pics when we get back!