Friday, January 1, 2010

Hot Beginning

Well, it is a new year, and we start and end those with a bang around here! The boys stayed the night with Nani, Mimi, and Umpa so that we could have a few friends over for an adult New Year's Eve. I talked to my mom around 10:30 this morning, and the boys were doing great! Well, about an hour later, I got a phone call that Dalton and my mom had collided while coming around a corner, and my mom was holding a cup of freshly made hot tea! Yep, catastrophe! The tea spilled all over Dalton, and he was burned pretty badly! He was screaming in the background and obviously in pain!

It didn't take us very long to make the 25 minute drive over there, and on the way we texted several of our friends and started the prayer chain. When we picked up D, we went straight to Care Now in Lake Worth. The minute they saw him, they sent us to Cook's Children's Hospital in downtown Ft Worth. They did slather him with some cream that made it feel better for our trip though.

This is where the prayer part kicks in...when we arrived at Care Now, Dalton was red on his entire right side down to his belly button with severe burns on his upper right chest, and red down most of the right side of his back! By the time (15 min later) we got to Cook's, it was half that size!!! You couldn't even tell where the lower part had been red at all!!!! Praise God!!!

While at Cook's, the Tylenol I had given Dalton when we picked him up must have really kicked in, because he was all happy and fine! The only bad part was when they had to clean the burned part and get the dead skin off. He did soooo good! I however was ready to scoop him up and run out the door! I felt so bad for him! The good news, is that it was just 1st and 2nd degree burns, nothing worse!

When we got done there, we made a quick trip home, and then lunch at Mooyah Burgers, and a trip to Academy for some new shoes for D (his old ones were falling apart-and we think they got left at Nani's house).

Please continue to pray for quick and painless healing, oh and for my Mom too-I know she feels really bad-although it was nobody's fault and accidents do happen!

Ok, so let's break down day 1 of 2010:
Visit to Care Now $50
Visit to ER $100
Prescriptions $50
MooYah Burgers $20
New Shoes $37
Power of Prayer and holding my precious boy at home with me: PRICELESS!
Here's some pics from today-I just happened to have my camera handy! lol


Steffanie said...

oh boy that did look bad. But Praise God that he is awesome and even though poor D was hurt there was a good reason for the accident. Maybe this will actually be a good start to the year A even though it may have felt rocky. When we are helpless and brought to our knees...we see the true greatness in God. I love you!

Brittany said...

sweet boy. I am so glad he is ok!

Ryndi said...

Oh my goodness, praise God he is ok!!!

Jara said...

So glad he's ok, poor little guy!

Cat said...

poor baby! i drink hot tea all the time and i have to remember to be careful when i'm holding Cason... or maybe I shouldn't drink it holding him at all!