Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Accesories A Must

Today's Show us Your Life tour fromKelly's Korner is Fashion Tips. Show Us Your Life with Kelly's KornerNow, I really don't think of myself as someone to give fashion tips, so I will just share my favorite things:

I LOVE crosses and other inspirational jewelry that is super cute, and shows my faith at the same time! And since I am the only girl in a house full of boys, I love to be girlie and pair up some cute chunky jewelry with ANYTHING I wear! :)

Another fashion love of mine is sunglasses! These are just a few!

I also LOVE purses-of all kinds, colors, and sizes...but we won't go there today! (I have them in my closet in a bin, and in a whole 'nother box under my bed-shhh) lol And ofcourse there is shoes! Ahhh...the shoes! Many of my friends know that I have big feet, and for a long time it was hard to find shoes to fit, that were in my budget and cute! But now, it seems like I can find them anywhere! Uh--Oh! Needless to say, my shoe collection keeps getting a little bit bigger a little bit at a time! Well, at least I know that my feet are done growing! ;)


Kristine said...

Your cross necklaces are all beautiful..and so is your family! You need a little girl in the middle of those boys ;)


Bernie said...

I love your cross necklaces. Very nice picture of your family at the top too.