Friday, February 5, 2010

Beauty tips and favorite products!

This week at Kelly's Korner is beauty tips and favorite products. Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Well, since I am a hairdresser, I have LOTS of favorite stuff. lol But my newest rave is the Brazilian Blowout you can check it out here. It is not a straighting product, but a smoothing system. It seriously helps to get rid of poofyness and frizz! And it leaves your hair feeling soft and silky, a totally new texture! It also cuts your blowdry time in half! Seriously!

Another new favorite of mine, is The Croc Iron. This is a super fabulous flat iron-sooo much better than the CHI (although I have been a loyal CHI follower since the beginning).

Pureology is also another hair fav! This stuff is amazing and sulfate free! It is also VERY concentrated, so you only have to use a little bit each time! It leaves your hair feeling so soft.

In the make-up product category, Bare Essentials Mineral Make-up is too die for, along with Bodyography mineral veil make-up primer!

Ok, those are my tips and fave products!

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Somethings Gotta Give said...

I have seen the infomercials on Brazilian Blowout and wondered how good of a product it was. I may have to look more into now that you mentioned it.

Have a blessed weekend. Thanks for sharing. -Kim