Friday, February 12, 2010

Record Snowfall

Ok, we really are having an Artic Blast in Texas!!! Yep-over 13 inches of snow in a 2 day period! It has been so much fun, the boys have been loving it! And even though mother nature through a ringer in our weekend getaway plans, we have had a great time hanging with family and friends!

Now, I made a couple of collages, because I didn't want you to get bored with a ton of pictures in a row. Jason made a ramp out of the snow he shoveled from our driveway, then took the wheels off of the boys skateboard, made a runway out of caution tape,..are you thinking what I was thinking? Not such a good idea right? Welll, no one got hurt and they all had a blast!

Today, we went to a big field with huge hills and had a ball sledding, falling, and 4 wheeling! And Jason played hide and seek (where's Wlado style) see if you can find him.

This is what I saw when I walked outside this morning!



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