Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a very busy Easter weekend this year! Friday night we decorated cupcakes and sugar cookies with our friends The Cormacks. This actually turned out to be more fun for Audrey and I than for the kiddos I think! Saturday Dalton had baseball practice, then our friends little girl Aubrey turned 3, and they had a super cute spring themed party complete with an egg hunt!

After that, we went straight to our churches Kid Fest 2010 which included a helicopter egg drop! It was awesome! Over 3,0000 people showed up! God was totally in the details for that one! There were several bounce houses and other cool stuff like a big truck with Wii's inside and couches to sit on! It was really hard to get the boys out of there! We had several friends meet us there, and had a great time with them too!

Later that night, we dyed eggs. This year we tried the camo egg kit, which was really kind of neat-just a little more tedious than the box made it look! Ofcourse, Carson picked that one over the crazy faces one! Although he is the king of crazy faces around here! ha ha

On Sunday, we had an awesome sermon at church, my family came with us and then we had a sandwich lunch at our house. After that, we had an egg hunt for the 3 boys. They absolutely love hunting as many as they can-Dalton wanted us to keep hiding them over and over! I think he is really into the hunt!

Anyway, we all had a great time and were able to spend it with family which I think is extremely important. But, please remember what this past weekend was really about, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who endured a horrific death so that we may experience eternal life with our heavenly father! How awesome is that?

Let the decorating begin!

Dalton and Elise
The helicopter dropping 15,000 egss!

The dyeing of the eggs

The only family picture we got!


I love this picture of all 3 boys tackling my Umpa for hugs!

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Dina said...

I am so impressed with your Easter cookies and cupcakes! So cute!