Monday, April 19, 2010

Raised To Walk!

Last year, Dalton accepted Christ as his savior, and reconfirmed it several times throughout the year. We had decided at that point that we would not push baptism on him and that we would wait for him to bring it up. Well, once he did, he was on fire and super ready!

So this Sunday was the day for monthly baptisms at our church, so we talked and talked to him, and then a guy from our church talked to him, and then we talked and talked to him somemore. And he was definitely ready!

Our executive pastor and good friend Ben baptized him. I was really emotional ofcourse. I ended up crying all day yesterday at any and everything on TV or in print, it didn't matter. We are definitely proud parents that Dalton is maturing in everyway possible, and that this decision was made totally by him.

Enjoy the pics of our special day!


Dina said...

That almost made ME cry too. I am sure that was one of your proudest moments as a mom!

Jenny Grandi said...

So awesome! On a side note, I love your husband's tee!