Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July Haslet Style

We went to The Reuman's house for a July 3rd cookout and fireworks. Their neighborhood literally shoots them off right behind their house-it was awesome! The only thing missing was some Lee Greenwood in the background! ;) There was a bike parade in the afternoon, which the kids loved even though we got there a tad bit late and couldn't find the actual parade. That's ok, because we found several other lost paraders on the way, and we made our own! The kids were super excited about their bikes (which by the way the parents pretty much decorated on our own-ha ha.

Later we went back to Tab's house and enjoyed an awesome cookout with their family and neighbors-it was really fun! Oh and by the way, Tabitha made this UH-MAZING Strawberry Jello Cake that was to die for! I can't wait for the recipe! ;) There were fireworks for the kids in the driveway-super fun! And then we got to see the main fireworks without dealing with a bunch of people and traffic! ;)

Enjoy the pics, and PS I am super proud to be an American!
Bike Parade
Jason being goofy
Dalton and Elise (and a little bit of mustard)
"Look Dad!"
And I just love this pic of all the kiddos intent in watching the fireworks!

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