Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pine Cove in Keller?????

Yep-Pine Cove was in Keller this summer! They started a new program called Base Camps. This is where they go all over Texas and partner with local churches to bring Pine Cove to your area. It is basically like a day camp, but Pine Cove style! And yes, we LOVE Pine Cove!

Dalton had a blast, and his week they focused on the armor of God in Ephesians. I was so proud when he would come home each night and share about what each piece of armor meant, and how he could apply that to his daily life. Brings tears to my eyes now! We are so grateful to Mimi for providing for Dalton to experience a week at Base Camp!

These are the pictures I got at the closing ceremony, but there are more pics they provided, but I am experiencing difficulties with that CD! So hopefully, more pics to come! Dalton's counselor's name was One Wheel Wonder, I love their camp names! Every morning when we drove in, it was like one big pep rally as we pulled into the parking should have seen the kids faces when all those college kids were whooping it up for them!

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