Sunday, November 7, 2010

Glen Rose

We decided to go camping with our friends the Reuman's (and yes we went camping with them around this same time last year). Dinosaur Valley State Park has a Haunted Hike every year, and we thought it would be really neat to take the kids and campout. We stayed in some nearby cabins since the tent sites at Dinosaur Valley were already full. We all had fun with the exception of a few "surprises" at the cabin! LOL! Downtown Glen Rose had a Safe Treat around the square that afternoon, so the kids all got to dress up and gets lots of candy!

It was a very interesting evening 2 families trying to sleep in a one room cabin, but all in all it was alot of fun! On Sunday, we went to Big Rocks Park which is exactly that, a park with some really big rocks! The kids had a blast "rock climbing"! I have to say, I have been to Glen Rose several times, and I didn't know that Big Rocks even existed-it was really neat!

Enjoy the pics-and be warned, I will be updating more tomorrow, so be prepared for picture overload!

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