Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ok, so here I am a week after I promised a post! Really....how does the time get away from me??? So, Dalton turned 8 on March 19th. I know unbelievable right!? Well, anyway-he wanted a sleep-over in the worst way. I am sure you can imagine that I was super excited with the idea of a bunch of wild and crazy boys at my house ALL night long! But, as it turned out-it wasn't that bad.:)

We ended up with 6 boys total (including my 2). We did a birthday scavenger hunt in the neighborhood, dart balloon throw, pizza, cake, icecream, and movies! They had a great time, 3 of the boys were out at a reasonable hour, but the other 3...well let's just say that at 1:45am they were still up!!!

Later the next week we had a family celebration at my grandmother's house. PS That is an IBC they are holding! :)

Dalton, we are so proud of the young gentleman you are becoming! You have an amazing spirit with a great love for The Lord, your Dad and I are so blessed to raise you!

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