Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Venture!

As if I don't have enough to do, I have recently started another business adventure. VAULT DENIM. I am an independent consultant for Vault, and get to go around throwing Jeans Parties! What's a jeans party you ask...Well, it is very similar to alot of the other "party" business out there, but with Denim!

The best part, I bring all the jeans with me to your party, and everybody gets to have tons of fun trying them on, and you take home what you purchase right then! No waiting!

What girl doesn't love a great pair of jeans??? Would you love them even more if they were up to 50% off Retail Prices?? Of course you would!
Welcome to Vault Denim, a new way to cover your assets...

We offer Designer Denim at up to half the retail cost!
Prices range from $48 and up
Many different brands & styles to choose from…
Jeans, shorts, Capri’s, & skirts are available depending on the season.

All Authentic, No Knocks Offs, No Seconds!!

Visit a Jean Party Today!
Or… earn free jeans simply by hosting a party!

Become a distributor and earn commissions and overrides from others.

The cost to become a distributor,
are you sitting down?
A $99 enrollment fee
No monthly fee or purchase required, and…
Vault Denim supplies the Jeans!!

Inventories are constantly changing, and we carry a large variety of both boutique and premium brands.

*I am looking for new hostesses, so that I can get my name and new business venture out there...Please let me know if you want to earn free jeans!*

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Crystal said...

Hi! I follow you through Dina's blog. This sounds really great. I'm interested in hosting a party. Can you email me with more details?