Sunday, May 1, 2011


Let me first state that this post is in no way written to gain sympathy or compliments. But to celebrate in the freedom I have gained in Christ!!!

I have never considered myself pretty, NEVER. This is probably a result of mean kids in my past constantly telling me how ugly I was, and I know that this happens alot (not just to me). However, I bought the lie! I allowed Satan to have bondage over me in so many ways, and this was one of them!

There are 2 times in my life that I remember feeling pretty. The first was when I was 10 years old, and my mom had registered me in a Mini Miss Pageant. The second was on my wedding day. The first time was crushed when I was told I didn't win because I was so ugly, and there was no way I could ever be picked for anything like that. My wedding day however, still remains one of those times! :) I believed Satan's whispers anytime I tried out for a modeling something or other and didn't get it (you are just too ugly-you will never get picked for anything like this). Or when guys wouldn't stay with me (nobody wants you-so and so is so pretty-and look at you). I have shared my testimony on here before, and God just keeps adding to it!

Recently, my friend Kim with All About Pictures took some pictures of me (some for fun, and some for business purposes). When I first saw the pictures, I was shocked! I told her that her editing was amazing, because I didn't look like that in my mirror! Later that week however, I felt God whispering to me..."You are beautiful, you do look like this, you are my daughter, and I created you." WOW! Later, I had posted some of the pics on FB, and I was completely overwhelmed at the amount of unexpected comments! And again, I heard God whispering..."This is you, you are beautiful, everyday." Again WOW!

Tears were flowing this time, as I truly felt another huge brick of bondage lifted off of my chest! I cannot believe that I bought the lie! I didn't even realize that I had believed it for so long, but I really did. Every time I looked in the mirror, I just saw me-plain, ordinary, not pretty by any means. And, while I am so very sad that I allowed Satan to hold this over me for so very long, I am so excited now that not only do I know the truth, but that I truly believe it! I am beautiful! Inside and out! I can look in a mirror and say "I am pretty"!

I felt compelled to post this for others that may feel or have felt the same as I did. God loves you! He created you in His image! And he wants you to know Him! How amazingly awesome is that???!!!! I am so grateful everyday for what Christ did for me on the cross, and also for God continuously reminding me that He is here for me, that He loves me, and will NEVER leave me! I have always loved Psalm 139, but now I cling to it, as I encourage you to do the same! :)

So, thank you to Kim, for being a tool from God to help me crush one more lie! And thank you to my friend Tabitha for sharing words with me during this time that could only come from Him! I am blessed with amazing friends! Below are a couple of the pics:


Dina said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful girl! Plus a great personality too!

Christina said...

I loved this post! It's SO easy to buy into that lie, again and again...I know I have so many times too!

Your pictures are beautiful, YOU are beautiful, and what I love is that from when I've read from you ... your heart is beautiful as well!!