Friday, October 25, 2013

I Got Your Hair!!!

After going back and forth on if I wanted to jump on the hair extension bandwagon the last couple of years, and researching companies, I finally jumped on! I am now offering Babe's brand hair extensions. I will be offering 2 different types and techniques. The least time consuming and economical are the tape-in extensions. These are fabulous! Pure genius! Wish I had thought of that! In this post, I will answer as many questions as I can think of, and then feel free to ask me more! :)

My friend Jennifer was so sweet to be my guinea pig as my first "extension client". See before and afters below.

The initial investment will vary from client to client. What will happen first, is we will set up a consultation to determine what length, volume, and style you are wanting. Then, you will buy your hair (this secures that you come back to claim your hair LOL). I will order it that day, and we will set up your next appointment to come in and get your new hair. The hair starts at $150, typical amount of hair needed for pictures below would be around $250. Application fee will also vary depending on how much hair we are putting in. This will all be discussed and finalized in your original consultation. Application for pictures below, $130. This will include your take home kit for at home hair care to help guarantee the life of your extensions.

Home Care information: Yes, you can shampoo, dry, and style your hair like normal! Pony tails, updo's, straight, curly, the options are endless.

Maintenance: This is going to depend on your hair and your lifestyle. The hair will need to be "moved up" anywhere from every 4-10 weeks. This fee will also vary due to amount of hair and extensions we have chosen. Typical would be $75.

Please feel free to comment, or call/text me for more info or an appointment! 817-658-8532 Would love to see your before and afters! ;)

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