Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cookies

My friend Suzie and I decided that we would make Easter Cookies on Good Friday since the kids were out of school, and they love that sort of thing. Ok, we love that sort of thing too! We are trying to get the kids together more often, since we are going to the beach together in just a few months (Yippee!), and in the past year, they really haven't played together much at all.

So, being the kind of moms that plan everything, we are planning more play dates between now and then!

Today was a lot of fun, and Suzie has the best sugar cookie and icing recipe in town! I am not kidding-it his phenomenal! The kids had a blast, and I always leave in good spirits after spending time with my dear friend!

And of course eating them was the most fun!


Steph H. said...

Yummy! I loved a good decorated sugar cookie!

The Black's said...

Very cute! Tell Suzie hello for me! Happy Easter!