Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He's What?

That was the first thing I said when Dalton came strolling out of my room and nonchalantly said "Hey Mom, Carson's cutting his hair." I jumped out of the chair, run into my bathroom, yelling "Carson, No! Carson stop!" When I get in there, he is hiding in my closet, and this is what I see on the floor...

So, I get him out of the closet and check it out, as I am combing it to see where he cut, hair just keeps falling out...lots of it! At this point, I am about to pass out. You see, I just cut his hair last week, finally got it exactly where I wanted it for a sweet 3 year old boy haircut! He literally picked up his hair in the front and cut, right at the scalp in 3 places, gulp.

Luckily, it is hard to tell right now because of the way it was cut originally. But, in a couple of weeks when it starts growing out and is sticking straight up at the scalp, I am going to have some real blending challenges! Oh well, I guess this happens in the life of boys!


Steph H. said...

Christian did the same thing when he was 3. He did it right in the front all the wa to the scalp and he has never had any other hair cut than a buzz, so it was pretty hard to hide. Good thing hair grows back!

Kristin Cook said...

...he just wants to be a hair stylist like you :)