Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He's What?

That was the first thing I said when Dalton came strolling out of my room and nonchalantly said "Hey Mom, Carson's cutting his hair." I jumped out of the chair, run into my bathroom, yelling "Carson, No! Carson stop!" When I get in there, he is hiding in my closet, and this is what I see on the floor...

So, I get him out of the closet and check it out, as I am combing it to see where he cut, hair just keeps falling out...lots of it! At this point, I am about to pass out. You see, I just cut his hair last week, finally got it exactly where I wanted it for a sweet 3 year old boy haircut! He literally picked up his hair in the front and cut, right at the scalp in 3 places, gulp.

Luckily, it is hard to tell right now because of the way it was cut originally. But, in a couple of weeks when it starts growing out and is sticking straight up at the scalp, I am going to have some real blending challenges! Oh well, I guess this happens in the life of boys!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cookies

My friend Suzie and I decided that we would make Easter Cookies on Good Friday since the kids were out of school, and they love that sort of thing. Ok, we love that sort of thing too! We are trying to get the kids together more often, since we are going to the beach together in just a few months (Yippee!), and in the past year, they really haven't played together much at all.

So, being the kind of moms that plan everything, we are planning more play dates between now and then!

Today was a lot of fun, and Suzie has the best sugar cookie and icing recipe in town! I am not kidding-it his phenomenal! The kids had a blast, and I always leave in good spirits after spending time with my dear friend!

And of course eating them was the most fun!

More Bunnies

Ok, so after the Bunny Pop Fiasco, I decided that since I still had a ton of cake ball batter left, that I would tweak the idea just a little to make it easier for me! So, here is what I came up with for Carson's class party...

I thought they turned out super cute, and they tasted really yummy too! But, next year I think I will stick to some simple cupcakes with sprinkles! :)

Bunny Pops

Ok, so thanks to Steph and Kristin, I have been introduced to Bakerella. Now, she has great things-don't get me wrong, but I am a little bit of an over-achiever sometimes, and her baking/decorating skills intimidate me! But, she makes it look so easy! Ahem...

So, I decided to try to make Bunny Cake Pops for Easter, and wouldn't it be neat and cute to let the kids help? Ahem...

So, I called up my friend Kristin and she brought her girls over, and this is what happened...

First-Mass chaos (of which we conveniently forgot to take pics of)
Second-Finally getting everyone on the same decorating page

Third-Mass Eating

Finally-A cute finished product!

Now, mind you, that this bunny was Kristin's artwork, and the only one good enough to post! But, we had fun while doing it, and now we know better for next year! LOL

Friday, April 10, 2009

T-Ball Time Again!

It is spring (although you can't really tell with the crazy weather we have been having!), and time once again for another season of T-Ball! This will be Dalton's 3rd season! Wow how time flies! He is playing in the same league in Keller again, The Red Sox. We love our team, and our Coach! He is having a great time and seems to really be getting the hang of it this year! Enjoy the pics!

Of course, it's all about the snack!

The 3 Amigos

MS Walk

On Saturday March 28th, we participated in the MS Walk in Addison. Our friend Miriam you can see her blog here, was diagnosed with MS about two years ago. At the beginning of the year, I decided that we should get the boys involved in some activity where the goal was to help others, and Jason decided that the MS Walk would be that activity! We both signed on under The Clouse's team The MS Busters, raised a little money to help find a cure, and were on our way to walk.

Now, this is Texas, and the weather took a crazy little turn on Friday night. It was freezing! And I'm not exaggerating, it was literally freezing! We got up Sat morning at 5:30, bundled up thermals and all. Coffee, donuts, hot chocolate, and two very cranky children by 6:30, we were out the door! There were snow flurries while we were walking up to check in! It was very cold, but it was an awesome experience! I wish it had been a little warmer, because they had so many extra activities planned after the walk. But, because it was so cold-pretty much everybody ran to their cars!

Thanks again to the Clouse's for letting our family be a small part of theirs! Thanks also to Tabitha with Fantabulous Photos, Kim with All About Pictures, and Jennifer @ Old World Salon for donating on my fundraising behalf to the silent auction.

Carson bundled up and sharing the stroller with Jaylen


D and Miriam

Our Family

Dalton and Jimmy (he ran his first 5k that day!)