Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catching Up

Ok, so I have been a blog slacker lately, so I am spending these last 2 days trying to get caught up. Make sure you scroll down and see the next few post to see what we have been up to.

Also thought I would catch you up on our most recent ER visit to Cook's downtown. If you might remember, Dalton had to visit there on Jan 1 due to burns from hot tea. Well, to follow in his big brother's footsteps, Carson visited there in Feb. One evening, Carson was running through the front hall (big surprise-ha ha) and fell, then slid right into the coffee table. He got a huge knot on his forehead, but all seemed to be ok. About and hour and a half later, after going to bed-he started throwing up everywhere! Jason was so good about taking care of that, since I had gone to bed early of exhaustion! We were concerned about a concussion, and after talking to Papa (an ER nurse), he informed us that only if he threw up 3 times or more should we be concerned.

So, after the 3rd time, called the Dr after hours # and they had us scheduled to go to Cooks downtown. He threw up several times on the way there, and ended up having diarrhea also! Turns out he just had a stomach bug! But they did a CT scan just to be safe-since he had thrown up 7 times-poor thing! So, he is 4, has been to the ER twice, and has already had X-Rays, and a CT scan! Oh Boy-this kid!!!

But we are thankful that all is well, and his brain looks to be functioning normal-well, as normal as it can for a 4-year old fearless boy!

Here are some pics of my poor sick baby!

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