Sunday, March 21, 2010

He's How Old????????

Seven! Yep 7!!!!! Where in the world has the time gone? I can't believe he turned 7 on Friday. He had been asking for a year to have a laser tag party, so we had an all boys Laser Quest/Pizza party! They had a blast! I however, was a little tired after hanging out with 10 very active boys! He was also very specific on wanting a cupcake cake, which I think is hilarious that he has always been one for detail! ha ha So, Bakugan cupcake cake we had!

The last picture is hilarious-the people at LQ do a little birthday thing, where they recognize Dalton, and have everyone sing to him. While we were singing, they had a leaf blower thing with toilet paper attached, and blew it all over him and the other boys. What did ten 7 & 8 year old boys think of that? AWESOME is pretty much all I heard! :)

We are so proud of Dalton, he never stops surprising us with his genuine heart, and his love for the Lord. All the while being a total boy! There is never a dull day around here, but I am grateful for the opportunity to be his mother!

Happy Birthday to my precious first born!

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