Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play Ball!

Well, baseball has begun! We have been practicing for a few weeks now, but last night was our first real game of spring season. Our team did really well, although we lost by two. That's ok, we played a really good team! Dalton's friend Austin from church is on that team, and his dad Ben (our executive pastor-who we are really good friends with,) is their coach. So I guess if we had to lose our first game, I would rather lose to them! It is funny, we didn't even know that we were playing them until we got there! The last two seasons, every time the boys were set to play each other, something happened and they never actually got to play each other. One time, the game was rained out, and another time Dalton was out of town. So this was fun for all of us, and as parents we got to cheer on each other's kiddos!

I think he looks adorable in all the catcher's gear! He seems to do really well there!

Austin and Dalton friendly rivals!

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The Black's said...

Gotta love baseball season! Trying to not be so MIA in the blogging world!