Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brittany Spears I Am Not!

Ok, so apparently I have been away from posting a little longer than I had realized...Oops! So, I have decided that I am going to make one post a day for the next week to get caught up! And then I am going to try to commit to at least one post a week after that! Things have been really busy and crazy since school got out in May, and I will post all about it starting tomorrow!

Today, I am posting about FEAR. We were at a birthday day party at a park this afternoon, and on the other side of the park was a man with a snake. No, not a snake, a mammoth snake! Seriously this sucker was HUGE! Look at the pics and see what I mean! Well, I decided that I was going to trust in God's protection, and conquer a fear. It kinda helps that this thing seems to be tamed and housebroken! Note that I am still keeping my distance from the kind that are in the wild! And yes, I was freaking out and squealing the entire time! Note the laugh on the gentleman's face (the snake owner). But, now I can say I did it! By the way, that sucker is heavy and ways over 75 pounds! Oh, and yes in the last picture you can see where his/her tail was sneaking up and around my leg, which by the way also happened when everybody stepped away from me...What's up with that...don't leave me people! Within just a few short micro seconds, it was completely wrapped around my legs, and I was done!

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