Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thirty-How Many????????

That's right folks! 35! WOW! I remember when I used to think that 35 was REALLY OLD! Now, I don't think so at all! I am still pretty young at heart. Although, there are days that I do feel as though I am likely to fall apart at any moment! Mentally and Physically! LOL!

Anyway, the guys did it up right for me ofcourse! Homemade Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate Frosting (and sprinkles!) For Breakfast! Now, if you ask the boys they will tell you that Mommy's birthday is the only day they are allowed to eat cake for breakfast! And we all look forward to it every year! If you didn't know, I LOVE CAKE!!! Any kind of cake too-I am really not picky! If you will notice in the pictures, Jason was obviously trying to test our smoke alarms! Oh well, I did blow them all out-and it was delicious!

Did I mention the silly string attack in our living room? Yep-that was fun too!

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