Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dirt-bikes and Stomach-aches

Yes, the thought of dirt bikes and my children on them makes my stomach hurt, but that is not the exact reason for this post. (Well-sort of.)

After much discussion, prayer, and debate, we decided to get Dalton his first dirt bike for his birthday. The we here is taken lightly you know. I really have no control over the manly wants in my household. So, today we had family day. Dalton's last basketball game, then a little Old Navy sight seeing, and Chuck E Cheese! The kids had a blast, and we had a really great time as a family. Then home for a nap. This was the best part! LOL

Later, we were playing outside, and Jason being the big kid that he is just can't wait to give D his present! So....Dalton got to unveil his dirt bike today! He was sooo excited! We have had the "with this bike comes responsibility" talk, and tomorrow we will take him out to start learning all the basics of it.

Now onto the stomach ache part. Yes, the thought of the dirt bike and all that comes with it does make my stomach hurt, but we have apparently gotten a little touch of a stomach something or other. Needless to say, the boys can't stop talking about the "poop". It is kinda comical though. Hopefully one day is all it is. I have heard this is going around.

Enjoy the pictures of our weekend. I have included some pictures of Fri night at Sonic for ice cream. We met a really neat family while we were there, and I will have to blog more on them later. But for now, please say a prayer for Joy and her family. (God knows what's up)

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Catherine Harvey said...

Hey girl, thanks for always commenting on my blog and for being so encouraging! it's really helpful, especially since I have a lot to be nervous about right now. I hope everything is going well with you!