Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Storm

Wednesday night, super big storms came through our area in like an instant! I mean really fast! I noticed through our front window that it looked like it was about to storm, and by the time I walked to our back door (like all of 30 seconds), it was a massive difference! I opened the back door to huge winds ripping the screen door totally out of my hands! Jason and I were looking out the door and watching the updates on TV, when suddenly the sky looked really green, everything had calmed down a little bit, and then Wham! huge winds picked up everything in our backyard at once!

I, having lived through several tornadoes, told Jason to get Dalton in our closet, as I went to yank Carson right out of his peaceful sleep. Our closet is the center of our house. So, we make a pallet for the boys with pillows and blankets in the closet, and then let them have ice cream in there too! Yeah, I know they are going to want it to storm all the time! :)

After everything had blown by us, their power went out! Forever! I mean seriously-we had power through the whole storm, and then poof! So, after what seemed like forever to get the boys in bed, we attempted to go to bed ourselves. Somewhere between 1 and 2 am our power came back on, only to go off again somewhere between 5:30 and 6 am! So, I had to shower and get ready in the dark! Aaaaaggghhh! I had to go curly to VBS that day-good thing too-since the minute we pulled into the parking lot, the sky opened up a massive downpour! Which lasted a minimum of 6 hours!

We had a lot of damage at our house, but I know there were several who had it way worse than us. I am thankful for a husband who is extremely handy, and can save us tons of money by doing the labor himself. Although, sometimes I think he would like to be able to just sit back and watch someone else do the work! ;)

We now have instant access to our creek, and the eyesore apartments behind us!

We also have access to our neighbor's yard on the "Do Not Mow" side of our house! Fun times!

This picture does not show all the damage, but we have an entire section of shingles missing!

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