Saturday, June 13, 2009


I love Vacation Bible School! I mean I really do love it. I love being loud, excited, and energetic! (I know that's really hard to believe!) I love seeing the kids being sooo excited to learn about Jesus. I love the food, I mean seriously, at FBCC they really take care of their volunteers in the food department! So, I will be working out extra next week!

Since we now belong to a new church plant, that meets in an elementary school, they aren't having a VBS this year. So, I volunteered at our old church First Baptist Colleyville. I have been working in the second grade for the last 3 years, and I absolutely love it! It seems to me that 2nd graders are still at the point where they are just scared enough of you that they still listen enough to obey when needed. I had decided that this would be my last year at FBCC VBS, but my friend Suzie informed me that her daughter Lauren who I just adore, is very excited to be in 2nd grade VBS next year with me. So, one more year!

We had over 20 students in the 2nd grade make decisions for Christ! And that, is why I volunteer! I strongly encourage you to volunteer at your local church if you get the opportunity!

Here are a few pics, mainly of my kids, but hey-what else would you expect?
Dalton singing in the masses

Dalton and Jaden

Laura and Carson

Lynnleigh and her pigtails (she smiles later)

Carson and his prizes

Dalton and his prizes

All Smiles

Lynnleigh happy

Sweet Lauren

Dalton and Monster Croc (Pastor Craig)

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