Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and Camping Trip

For Father's Day Weekend, we went camping with some friends to Lake Murray, Oklahoma. We had a blast! We drove to Turner Falls and hung out there for a little bit on Friday, and then back to our campsite at Lake Murray. There is an ATV area where we camped, that is totally massive! The boys had a blast just riding around our campsite area on their bikes. (Which we highly recommend to anyone going camping that you throw in your kids bikes!)

On Saturday, we rode 4 wheelers for a bit, and then drove down the rode to Sunset Beach. It had a great sandy area shallow enough for the kids to just play for ever without having to worry about drop-offs. After a couple of hours of fun in the sun, it was back to the campsite again, for more 4-wheelin' fun, and yummy dinner! My hubby grills a mean steak and sausage!

The evening was even better with s'mores and 20 questions around the campfire! Of course, the kids were in bed when we were playing 20 questions, because I get hundreds of questions when they are awake! LOL

Sunday we celebrated Dad's Day with a yummy breakfast, and then dirt biking and 4-wheeling mainly for the kids. And yes, there are pictures below where Jason took D through the mud and got stuck (or as Jason calls it not stuck but high-centered) (looks stuck to me) ;) Dalton did great on his dirtbike on the kid friendly trails, and apparently Carson rolled the little 4-wheeler and got back up ready to ride (2nd child)!

And to answer your question: Yes, we tent camped! And yes, it was hot, but, Jason brought a massive shop fan, and we actually needed a blanket while we slept! I love tent camping, after the first couple of hours of getting used to it again! :) We really need to go more often, so that we continue to "love it"!

Enjoy the pics! I have more to post later!


Kristin Cook said...'s a GREAT place :)

amberdawn said...

Kristin- yes it visit!

The Black's said...

So fun!!! We TRIED to go there for Memorial Day, but...when we called to get an RV spot (I think they have like 300), and they already had 320 reservations!?!? Hate to think what those other 20 people did. We'll have to try and go back cuz it looks fun! maybe even together!?!?!

Family American Style. said...

I like the colors of the room.