Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fire Trucks and Water Guns

Thursday when our power finally came back on, our fire alarm kept going off, sending the signal to the alarm company that our house was on fire. Jason and the alarm company got everything figured out, and it stopped! Tonight, (Saturday) while the kids and I were eating dinner and Jason was out putting up our new fence (Yay!), the fire alarm goes off again! This time, it is going off about every 30 seconds! While talking to the alarm company, who apparently can't do anything about it, we hear sirens turning onto our street! Seems like ADT forgot to cancel the fire department! So hear come 5 firemen into our non-burning house, which might I ad is very messy since I was at VBS all week!

They check everything out, and are headed on their merry way. They did allow me to get a photo op in though! Carson didn't want to be in the picture-surprise-surprise!

After talking to ADT again, and being informed that if a technician came out on a Saturday evening, it would cost $223, we unplugged power to alarm, battery back-up and all! They can come out on Monday for $25 (our normal fee under our warranty protection plan that we pay extra for!) Helllloooooo-our extra fee doesn't include Saturday's apparently! $223 for something that we didn't do, nor do we have any control over! Hmmmmmm...doesn't seem right does it?

So, while all this is going on, the boys are riding their bikes outside-'cause you sure can't stay in a house with a fire siren going off every 30 seconds! Two houses down from us, they are having a water party for their 11 year old's birthday. The boys get invited to come and join, and they had a blast! It was definitely old school hanging out going on, which I love! I love to see kids play with an innocence that this is all life is at the moment, no worries, nothing but fun!

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